Xinhui mandarin peel known as the first in (Guang dong three Treasures). it made from xinhui mandarin peel which after peeling and dried, and has been recorded since Eastern Han Dynasty, it become broad goods in Song Dynasty, sold all over the country and export to foreign country, until year of qing tongzhi, mandarin peel has been designated as a tribute by Empress Dowager Cixi,therefore, it has a reputation as “the Millennium ginseng, centuries of Mandarin’s peel” .

Xinhui Mandarin is the only raw material for Guangdong Xinhui Mandarin Peel.

Only Guangdong Xinhui District’s soil, water and climate can plant “ Xinhui’s mandarin”.

Only the mandarin peel made by Guangdong Xinhui District mandarin, has the Millennium historical value, it couldn’t compared with other areas.

There are two different types of mandarin peel, which are “green skin” and “red skin”, both of it have different effects.

According to the medical research, the longer we keep the mandarin peel, it contain more flavonoids, and flavonoids have the effect of antioxidant and increase immunity, therefore, the longer we keep the mandarin peel , the higher value is it.