How to brew “Gan Pu Tea”

Each “Gan Pu” Tea can be brew 4 to 6 times according to the number of people and personal taste.

”Yue Mei” Gan Pu tea are independent packaging design

Gan Pu after unpacking, Check the appearance of Gan Pu, good quality of Gan Pu, willfacing difficulty when filling Pu’er inside the oranges due to above opening is very small, so time-consuming and lot of work, but Pu’er tea better absorbed Mandarin flavor.

Pour the right amount of tea from orange about 15 grams, (about eight teaspoons), It can also be adjusted according to their preferences.

Then tear off 3 to 4 approximately thumb-sized orange peel.

Both together into the teapot or in the tureen, wash the tea quickly with hot water, discard the tea. Pour hot water again, cover with lid and you may taste it after 10 seconds. Please remember to empty the tea pot, do not leave any residual water, otherwise, the following tea becomes bitter.

Good quality “Gan Pu” Tea can brew longer, so each “Gan Pu” Tea can brew more than five times.