XinHui Mandarin, also known as Xinhui Canton Mandarin or Peel Mandarin,and Xinhui Big red Mandarin (scientific name : Cha Chi Mandarin), the most prominent feature of Xinhui Mandarin is medicinal and edible, guang dong Mandarin has grown in more than 700 years long in the history, red mandarin are the best variety among the Rutaceae Mandarin.

Xinhui mandarin, is a small evergreen tree, branches expand or drooping, barbed. Leaves alternate, single leaf, leaves Subleathery, oval, Ovate or lanceolate, Usually is 4 to 8 cm long, Width is 2.5 to 3 cm, Top blunt, often concave the head, base wedge tip, scalloped or blunt teeth at the margin, rarely complete; often forked branches at the notch top of the leaf veins to leaf blade, Lateral veins clear; Bipinnata long and narrow or only traces, With leaf blades attached at the relevant section.

Blossom during Spring and summer season, white colour, amphoteric; 1to 3 flowers; length of calyx around 3mm, 5 to 3 irregular lobbed; Petals oblong, not more than 1.5 cm; Stamens 20 to 25 pieces. Mandarin fruit flat and round 3.5 to 5 cm tall, 4.5 to 6 cm wide, slightly concave on top, obvious signs on stem. sometimes with small umbilical pedicle occasionally radially arranged grooves, deep orange yellow color, slighty rough, peel thickness 1-1.15 mm, very brittle and easily broken; Dwarf trees, soft branches, fruit flat and round, medium large size, peel will turn orange yellow color and abit greenish when the fruit is ripe, pliable and not easy to break, oil cell large, rich aromatic.

Mandarin meat juicy, sugar-acid ratio of 15:32 is the unique flavor of sweet and sour, 11.13% for soluble solids.

In the history, there are four varieties of Xinhui Mandarin, those are large species body oil, small species body oil, large pedicle and high Governor. though out the continuous planting summary, GuangChen Mandarin peel adapted the best quality Mndarin body oil to produce mandarin peels, this is one of the reason that Guang Chan mandarin peel is the highest quality mandarin peel.

The authentic Xinhui Mandarin will use both fruit meat and its peel, it a very rare and excellent varieties which can take it as food and medicine, can have it fresh or can be processed into juice or mandarin cake, But the skin more expensive than meat, the real Mandarin peel is the raw material of the authentic Xinhui Mandarin Peel,. it can have it as medicine. the good timing to have it is when it fully maturity.